All experiences are $125.00 + tax per person.

Price includes:

  • Equipment/Lab Space Rental
  • Activity Resources and Products
  • Facilitator(s) and Setup
  • Printed Materials
  • Parking Passes

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Corporate Team Building Experiences:

Burger Wars

Our sessions begin with an introduction to the Canadian Food & Wine Institute, followed by an intense but interactive burger demonstration by one of the CFWI experts. The teams are then set loose to create and build the most creative burger possible, with a pantry full of ingredients. The clock ticks on the wall, with one hour to design, and execute the task! Watch while the energy rises and the teams dig deep as they compete to provide the best burger our faculty judges have ever seen!

Bake Your Cake and Eat it Too

Ever looked longingly at those beautiful, perfectly layered cakes with silky smooth icing and adorning decorations? Well now is time to learn to make it yourself, and master it. Get your white apron on and join us in our bake lab as our expert takes you through cake making, cake building and cake decorating. By the time you’re finished, your groups will have created beautiful works of art worthy for any cookbook, and be able to apply these skills at home. After your session, have a cake tasting with coffee and tea and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Do you know the difference between a lager and an ale? Or wonder what makes an I.P.A. or Stout by definition, to style? This beer sensory course will teach you how to taste like the pros and describe in greater detail the beverage you love ! You will learn how to differentiate the ingredients used to make popular beer styles and describe how they are perceived in the end product. Your team will flex their new knowledge and blind taste-game show style- to identify the correct beer style using all 5 senses. Expand your vocabulary and taste beer like the pros do.

Blind Tasting Like a Pro

Want to learn the secrets to tasting wine? Take this sensory class with our resident wine expert and de-mystify what all those wine snobs are really talking about. Test your senses to see if you really do know the difference between the smell of raspberry and black currant, then apply these skills to wine tasting. Prepare to band into teams and compete game show style to identify the correct wine in a final blind tasting. Graduate with heightened wine knowledge and a less intimidating view of the fermented grape.

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